From the big to the small JCJ Productions has the eye and experience to really set the mood for your event. It all started with lighting for JCJ Productions as there was a need for special lighting for events and functions throughout Southern California.  After spending years in the theatre, the design concepts for events became more elaborate and JCJ Productions wanted to bring the design concepts to other parts of the industry.  From vibrant colors to black lights, from special effects to pattern projections, JCJ Productions takes every event and applies its own custom design to bring your event to life.


Power? There’s no worry there. With 4 years of experience with an electrical contractor and a state certification JCJ understands the demand load of any show.  From Hotel Ballrooms to outdoor generators, power is never a problem. Communication is set up early with power requirements and it is often the beginning of the site inspection so it is never overlooked.


“Can you hear me now?” This is a saying JCJ Productions tries to avoid at all costs. We never want to hear one of your presenters ask this question to any of your clients. We treat every event as if we were on stage presenting ourselves. Sound reinforcement is crucial for any event. Large or small, we will custom design a system to meet your needs.  From live mixes for a band to corporate presentations with video playback in surround sound. We can make it heard and felt if so desired.


Annual conferences are common for many corporate companies. Even rallies and fundraisers are repetitive in nature. The trick as an event planner is to create a new experience every time. JCJ Productions works not only to create a different stage design for each event but works to incorporate the surrounding environment.